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As both public and private organizations become increasingly aware of the need to reduce the impact of products, goods, as well as services to the environment, government procurement carries the potential of stimulating the market for the production of ecologically friendlier products by setting an example as responsible consumer

To create this new procurement framework requires a clear definition of such externalities and the sustainability criteria they are based on in public tenders; to establish the specifications and requirements for products or services to be considered sustainably advantageous; and to develop programs for suppliers of sustainable products and services.

It also requires an investment in building up transparency by defining clear measures and appointing third-party verifiers as well as establishing effective capacity-building and certification programs for all appropriate agencies.

This requires appropriate resources to be made available both from the public and private sectors. It doesn't come for free!

The webinar will examine where the development of these activities are from a multi stakeholder perspective and potential "next-steps" in terms of development of Green / Sustainable Procurement as part of national policy and future business strategy.


  • Peter Godfrey (Managing Director Asia Pacific of Energy Institute)

    Peter Godfrey

    Managing Director Asia Pacific of Energy Institute

    Peter is the chief regional representative of the UK Energy Institute (EI) based here in Singapore. In addition to his work with the EI, Peter provides customised executive advisory services through his own company Merlenergy Pte ltd and as an Associate Director of Tembusu Asia Consulting, Asia’s leading consultants in sustainability. Peter has gained an international reputation as a leading independent energy strategy and business development consultant with an executive-level international client-base that has included the world’s leading national and international energy and mineral resource companies as well as a number of governments and regulatory agencies

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  • Manuel Ungerer (Head of Site Development at Novartis)

    Manuel Ungerer

    Head of Site Development at Novartis

    Born and raised in Italy
    Engineer by Education, 14 years professional Experience in Pharmaceutical Industry
    9 years in Facility Projects, Greenfield of 2 major Biotech facilities in Singapore
    Project Live Cycle Experience from Concept Design to Performance Qualification
    Infrastructure design and Energy systems
    Working Experience in Singapore, China, Japan, Italy, Switzerland
    5 years working experience in manufacturing Operations, Solid Dosage and Biotechnology
    BMAC Sustainability Leader Singapore Certified Energy Manager
    Love Sports, Football, Running, Swimming, Skiing

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  • Gary Zhao (Business Development Director of BRE China)

    Gary Zhao

    Business Development Director of BRE China

    Gary Zhao is the Business Development Director of BRE China with highly experienced background in the area of sustainable development. He is taking charge of leading the business growth of BRE in China as well as Asia, collaborating with both China/UK government and other stakeholders to support knowledge sharing and expand BRE’s business.
    BRE is a world leading building science research institute, dedicating to improving built environment sustainability, quality construction and productivity.

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